A Mass Transit provider switched to Android for handheld devices and how Trunexa helped them achieve more.


About the client:

Our client is an Information Technology company that provides end to end solution including hardware and software for Automatic fare collection systems for Public Mass Transit, Smart city. They are active in payments for transit and non-transit applications and contributing to the IOT/Smart city revolution globally. Client is headquartered in Singapore with presence in India, Malaysia and Canada.


Client's hardware team was facing a tough challenge as their devices were Windows CE based and lack of development & support for Windows CE by Microsoft puts an end to almost two decades of Windows availability in the enterprise grade devices space. Due to a lack of partners and support, continuing with Windows will incur additional costs because they need to develop their own apps from scratch. These challenges have triggered the migration to Linux and Android OS. Since our client did not have the internal capability and bandwidth, they were looking for a partner who can help them with the platform engineering services.


After understanding the requirement, Trunexa designed a comprehensive plan that not only takes care of Operating System migration but also focuses on the architecture layout that improves the scalability and performance while bringing down the cost.

  • We built a Board support package for Samsung based chipset which allowed the devices to work on Dual OS i.e. Android and Linux (Ubuntu with Core QT) so that SC Soft's customers can have a choice to switch as per their usage. 

  • Device bring up for Display, GPS, GPRS, USB, Audio, WLAN, BT. 

  • Application specific optimizations

  1. Third Party module support: SAM, Card Reader

  2. Google play like custom application development

  3. API development for 3rd party modules

  • Unit testing, Integration testing, system testing

Business Benefits:

Trunexa’s collaborative approach, Agile processes and development skills have not only solved the technical challenges but also created massive financial benefits for client and allowed them to roll out faster releases to their global client. 

  • Designing and building applications with Android and packaging them once for multiple targets allowed the client to save enormous effort and cut cost by 60%.

  • The flexible API approach ensures client can easily scale its offering as new clients/device to come on board. 

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