How Trunexa helped a rail technology company in developing passenger information and video security solution


Our client came up with a requirement of product modernization where they wanted to upgrade from a controller-based product to a Linux based smart device.

About the client's requirement:

Our client is one of the leading providers of video Protection solutions and a market leader in the European market. The client would like to retain its position and gain a larger market share. Since disruptive technologies are keep coming into the marketplace and companies are not reluctant to adopt newer technologies for competitive advantage, it is crucial for them to keep innovating and upgrading the system on a timely basis. Trunexa welcomes the client’s move to introduce new edge technology that will meet the latest demands of the market for technological performance at competitive pricing.

The requirement was to design the hardware and embedded software for “ONBOARD VIDEO RECORDER”. Trunexa helped in building a platform that integrates the latest technologies to realize the function of:

  • Passenger information system.
  • Passenger counting system.
  • Intelligent video protection.
  • AI processing

Solution from Trunexa:

Trunexa was involved in schematic design, layout design, hardware testing, BSP and SDKs development, certification, and last but not the least global rollout of the product.

Project challenges and our approach:

Bill of Material (BOM):

All requirements must support the targeted unit price. This was the biggest challenge of the project for which Trunexa has provided excellent support in optimizing the BOM (Bill of Material).

Language barrier:

As our client is a traditional European company, most of the technical team member were not fluent in spoken English and our development team was not well versed in their language. It seemed like a challenge at first but since our development is working with clients across the globe, we have developed a structured procedure of documentation and communication that delivers the right result.

Requirement gathering and documentation:

Trunexa dedicates ample time in defining the requirements, choosing the right solutions with the given target price, and tries to follow a simple yet effective methodology to build robust devices that are free from defects, function flawlessly in each environment, and work reliably over its lifetime. Trunexa has put a lot of efforts in writing a technical design document (TDD) which gives clear idea to all the stakeholders about the overall idea about device that is to be built, right from design, component selection process, pricing and all other factors that might require in designing a new product from scratch. Trunexa has followed Universal Design Methodology (UDM) which is a well-defined process for planning and designing new hardware.

Selection of processor:

The selection and integration of the right processor chip that is compatible with the given requirement are crucial for the project. Trunexa helped in choosing the right SoM (System on Module) which runs Linux and supports several POE (power on Ethernet) cameras and supports H.265, H.264 based video processing. Trunexa helped in building a platform where the device can realize the function of AI processing, Passenger Information system, Passenger counting system, and Intelligent video protection.

A reliable processor and SoM will significantly reduce development time and risk provides great throughput and performance. It also helps to focus on the end application development of the product in a better way.


The next biggest challenge was to meet the certification criteria for railways. This product requires certificates like CE/FCC, E-Mark, RoHS, WEEE, REACH, 50155, and EN45545. This means that the power circuit of the system must be robust enough to take voltage surges and support a wide range of input voltages. Trunexa has helped the client in designing the robust power board which can withstand unexpected inputs and does not damage the internal circuit.

Train environment demands rugged devices:

Trains are always moving, stopping, and vibrating. They are also faced with sudden shocks, a wide range of temperatures, and other challenges like humidity and different voltage ranges. PIS needs hardware solutions that can withstand these unprecedented extreme conditions, while at the same time keeping data transmission between train and ground efficient and on-time. Current on-vehicle computers are not designed for rugged train environments.

Heat dissipation:

Trunexa has also faced a big challenge in meeting the industrial temperature requirements that go from -40 C to 85C with this product. Trunexa has conducted a detailed study about heat dissipation and provided a heat analysis report to the customer. This report has helped to design the right heat sink for the various components involved.

OS development:

Software integration and building seamless BSP (board support package) is another crucial part of the requirement where developing supported the SDKs and secure boot process is the need of the hour. The flexible API approach has ensured the client that they can easily scale their offerings as new devices come on board.

Business benefits:

Trunexa helped the client in designing robust hardware that will not only enhance the technical performance but will also help the client’s customers to unleash the power of next-generation solutions such as intelligent video analytics and data analytics to increase security and provide valuable business insight. Trunexa’s collaborative approach, agile processes, and development skills do not only solve the technical challenges but also creates massive financial benefits for clients and allow them to roll out faster releases to their global clientele.

  • Encourage Ridership: A better passenger experience improves the number of passengers riding the train. The Passenger Information System enhances the passenger’s experience by providing reliable and timely information of arrival and departure.
  • Real-time location tracking: The Passenger Information System solution locates the trains in real-time. Each train sends real-time location details to the command center and all the synchronized information display on the billboards on the platforms showing estimated arrival time.
  • Passenger counting system: In the passenger counting system, cameras and intelligent people counters are used to log the number of people getting on and off at each station. A video counting system is often 98% accurate and can differentiate between children, adults, and objects. With the help of AI and video analytics, rail operators implement a high-speed and accurate passenger counting system.
  • Video Security: Public transport is susceptible to terrorist attacks and crimes such as theft, burglary etc. A video security system plays a huge role in identifying threats and cut down on response time to alert responsible authorities. Moreover, it provides great details about the daily operation and processes to the rail operators.
  • Cost effective: The Passenger Information System solution also optimizes operational expenses. The solution streamlines the processes for train operators and workforce.

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